Hi from Joyce and Steve

Joyce grew up just five miles away from Blackwell House, her family were farmers and her father one of thirteen children.
This is where she learnt to appreciate and love great, fresh produce from farm to plate.
It's not a surprise that she grew up with a love of cooking as her Grandmother Lily,
Great Aunt Maggie and Mother were wonderful bakers and cooks.
From a small child she would pull up a stool and help her Mum baking breads and cakes.
She can't remember not knowing these recipes of by heart and has developed a real 'sense' for exceptional tastes & flavours. 
Joyce has a wonderful array of stories handed down to her from her father about his growing up
so make sure you grab her and ask her to share a few.

Following her love of cooking she has attended cookery schools in top Michelin Star restaurants
and has brought these experiences with her to Blackwell House.
She is never happier than when she is in her kitchen cooking some Irish culinary delight for our guests.


Steve grew up in England and was lucky enough to have a father who was a Green Grocer & Butcher, his
mother managed and ran a fresh fish shop so he was brought up on healthy, fresh and wholesome food, reflected in his great love of food & cooking.  
He has worked for 30 years in the world of luxury brands and services and has rubbed shoulders with some of the finest Chefs & Sommeliers in some highly reputable establishments. 
Having also travelled extensively he has a keen sense of a world of pampering guests and providing luxury service at its best.

When you arrive at Blackwell House you are welcomed at the door as if you were part of the family.
It is a place where anyone who walks through the door feels a sense of contentment and ease.

"Our first night in Ireland was a dream - everything we could have asked for.
Joyce is an amazing cook - everything was homemade and delicious.
The country setting is absolutely lovely and the gardens supply the kitchen with fresh eggs and vegetables.
The best meals we had in Ireland were at Blackwell house!"
We couldn't say anything better than this"
from Amy L of Napa Valley California on Trip Advisor.

Joyce with Homegrown peas, Blackwell Country House

What is important to Joyce and Steve

Having stayed in some exceptional places ourselves during our own travels,
we want you to experience the best of everything.
When you arrive with us, from near or far, we will give you a truly Irish welcome
making sure you have everything you need to make your stay extra special.

Our bedrooms are individually styled by Joyce and have all the comforts of home
and a fabulously comfortable bed so you are assured a great nights sleep

We want you to curl up in our Garden Room to read a book,
or play a board game in front of the open fire in our sitting room.
Or take a 'wee' walk through our beautiful secluded gardens
and relax in the fresh country air while enjoying the birdsong.

We want you to feel like you're staying in home from home.

Our Awards mean so much to us

"We work hard at Blackwell House to make sure you will have an experience you will remember. Getting these awards make us feel really appreciated."
Joyce and Steve

Murphy the Dog and his friends .......

Few can resist the charms of our beloved Murphy. A quiet and warm little character, our Schnauzer will play if you want to but leave you be if you'd rather not.
"He gets more mentions than we do on our reviews, in fact he even gets his own Christmas cards from past guests.'

We have a few cats each with their own characters roaming the grounds, but you can be sure that we are vigilant that they stay where they are allowed and we take cleanliness very seriously.
We feel they bring a touch more warmth and harmony to the house and your stay with us but you won't have to meet them if you don't want to.

PLEASE NOTE - Schnauzers are non allergic, non casting dogs - perfect for all this people who love animals but are allergic!


At Blackwell Country House we love our pets and are happy for you to bring your own to the Loft Suite.

We offer:

  • The Loft Suite's entrance is adjacent to a small orchard area for toileting needs.
  • Waste bags and bins.
  • Comfy pet Bed.
  • Food and water bowls.
  • Doggy guest towel.
  •  'Baby’ alarm so you can relax and enjoy your evening meal while us while knowing if your pet is quiet and happy.
  • Home made dog biscuits.

Your pet can enjoy their stay for £25.00 per dog per night.


What to do with your dog just outside your door
Enjoy walking up to 20 miles of beautiful Canal pathway with two wonderful little tearooms where you can call in and enjoy a coffee while your dog is  served with a chopped sausage and refreshing water outside.


Please view our full pet terms and conditions below or contact us for more details.


We adore our dog Murphy and love all other 4 legged friends so we really want all our doggy guests to have a fun time, but we have a few things we would ask you to respect for the sake of none doggy lovers:

  • Only Small to medium sized dogs welcome
  • We like to know all our doggy guests names and we would love to meet them
  • Dogs are not be allowed on beds
  • Dogs must be kept on leads at all times when out-doors
  • Dogs must be dried with special doggy guest towel provided before entering the bedroom
  • Please use waste bags provided anywhere on the property
  • Waste bags should be left in the bin provided outside
  • Any damages to furnishings will be billed

Our Rooms 

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