Our Commitment to Safety Training

As normal we take standards for hygiene and cleanliness very seriously and we are taking additional steps to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

Here at Blackwell House we follow the latest advice and recommendations from the Government, National Tourist Organisations of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  • We follow detailed preparatory and preventative measures and have implemented all necessary actions
  • We hold the ‘We’re Good To Go’ Certificate from the National Tourist Organisations of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  • We provide training and supervising of all our staff members
  • We offer hand sanitiser dispensers public areas


  1. We sanitise the pens after each use
  2. We sanitise Bedroom Keys before you receive them
  3. Disinfectant gel and tissues available in porch
  4. Social distancing with guests as advised (2 metres whenever practical)
  5. We will avoid having more than one party in reception
  6. Credit card cleaning when handed to staff and also upon return
  7. Cleaning/sanitising of POS terminal between transactions
  8. We have Information about pharmacies and hospitals in the area if requested


  1. On arrival you will be made aware of your own private dining space and personal table. This will be yours for the duration of your stay
  2. You will have a newly printed menu for your use only, this menu will be disposed of after your use
  3. We offer an extensive breakfast both in the dining room and as room service at an additional charge
  4. We offer room service for all our dinner menus at an additional charg
  5. We offer disinfectant gel and tissues at all dining tables
  6. All kitchen and restaurant staff wear gloves
  7. We wash utensils with approved disinfectant at 60 degrees in a dishwasher
  8. Deliveries from our suppliers are handled with extra care and always wearing gloves
  9. Changing of gloves and regular use of hand sanitiser between customers & at regular intervals
  10. Sanitising of all trays prior to delivering it to the guests
  11. Napkins are used fresh from the pack on your arrival and then disposed of at the end of the meal
  12. Care is taken to provide adequate space between personal dining areas
  13. Cutlery, glassware, and plates are washed in a 60 degree wash
  14. Salt and pepper shakers are sanitised appropriately
  15. The whole dining and kitchen area are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after each service


  1. We respect your space and your safety and won’t enter your sanitised room after you check in. We provide all Housekeeping services to guest bedrooms ONLY upon request.
  2. All pillows have two protective coverings before the pillow case. These are all washed at 60°C degrees between guests
  3. Your Duvet has a water repellant duvet protector and duvet cover, you have also a flat sheet all washed at 60°C - 90°C degrees between guests
  4. Your mattress has two protection covers one of which is water repellant and a flat sheet all washed at 60°C - 90°C between guests
  5. Cleaning staff will only enter your bedroom after the guests depart
  6. Staff arrive in outside clothes and change into clean uniforms here at Blackwell House. Their uniforms are freshly laundered daily ‘In
  7. House’ at 60°C this keeps both our guests and staff and their families safe
  8. Towels, gowns and bed linen are washed at 60°C
  9. Slippers are new when your room is set up
  10. All shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion dispensers are sanitised and bagged when setting up your room
  11. If you wish to have your towels changed please put soiled towels in the bag provided and leave outside your door, freshly laundered towels will await you on your return
  12. All items on the tea tray are sanitised carefully between guests
  13. Remote controls are sanitised and bagged between guest
  14. Door handles, wardrobe and drawer handles, light / lamp switches and all surface areas are sanitised between guests
  15. Glasses in bedroom and bathroom are washed in a 60 degree wash in the dish washer and bagged before setting up your room
  16. All alarm clocks, DVD’s and Magazines have been removed from your room. Please ask at reception to choose from our sanitised DVD library. These will be sanitised before returning to the library
  17. All books in your bedrooms have been sanitised. If you choose a book to read could we please ask you to leave this book out so we can sanitise it
  18. Increase of frequency of the cleaning of public spaces and points of high contact
  19. Cleaning staff are trained, follow strict guidelines and wear gloves at all times
  20. We use disposable equipment such as cloths or we wash them after one use at 60°C - 90°C degrees with disinfectant added.